Dispensing Machine


Dispensing Machine was designed and manufactured by AUTOLAND in 1990. Since the first version was invented, we kept accumulating experience in producing and corresponding different requirement from clients to enhancing the machine.

This example was made in 2018. The requirement was: first, precisely position the machinery. Second, dispense UV glue into a narrow slit with a tiny needle. Third, use UV light to harden the glue instantly.

The target AUTOLAND set this time is to ensure the speed of producting, at the same time make sure the effects of dispensing, lighting up, and sealing are accurate. For that, we take turn-table as the structure of machine to create enough production capacity and save space. To ensure immediately quality control, we design torque detection mechinery on the production line. And for the most important target, we designed mechinery with relative function with CCD, high quality torque meter to make the effect of dispense each time is the same.


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